Creating a Pet-Friendly Outdoor Community for Residents

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Pets become members of the family for many renters. It’s important to review your pet policies and amenities to increase the number of potential tenants or ensure that your current tenants sign longer leases. Your community will stand out and draw in renters who adore their furry friends if it allows pets. Are you prepared to “paws-itively” improve your community for residents with two and four legs? When designing outdoor areas with pets in mind, try these steps.

Bring your four-legged companions to your neighbourhood gatherings.

Do the people living in your community attend events? Remember the animals that reside there as well. To enjoy refreshments and socialise with other dogs and their owners, invite your residents and dogs to “yappy hours.” Instead, plan a fundraising walk to benefit a local animal shelter or partner with an obedience school to provide building a welcoming environment for four-legged residents.

responsible pet ownership

Provide specialised services for animals

Consider leasing space to an on-site veterinarian or groomer, depending on the layout of your community. Alternatively, you could provide a list of local pet services. Before beginning construction, check the local codes and obtain quotes from reliable businesses. Most importantly, always consider the needs of community members who own pets and those who do not.

Greater consciousness

Our communities need to address several dog-related issues. Every community has the option to host gatherings where residents come to hear more about these problems with dogs. Like most dog-friendly communities, the events should have meaningful themes, such as “animal rescue” or “rabies awareness.”


Offering amenities that cater to animal lovers is the best way to demonstrate your concern for the animals in your neighbourhood. Pets may be allowed on an outdoor patio or a park, but dog parks with pet owners in mind. Communities that offer incorporating pet-friendly features into outdoor community planning like a dog park and puppy spa stand out from the rest.

Construct a dog park

Dog parks offer a secure environment for dogs and their owners to socialise. Dogs love to interact with other dogs. In addition, pets who receive regular exercise tend to be calmer, which makes them more enjoyable for the whole neighbourhood. Pick a spot far enough away from houses so that barking will not annoy the occupants.

Promote Conscientious Pet Ownership

Through the planning of workshops and educational programs, encourage responsible pet ownership. Subjects covered may include breeding, training, and pet health. Work with neighbourhood animal welfare organisations, trainers, and veterinarians to offer resources and assistance to pet owners.